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It's never too late to start!

If you or your child has ever wanted to learn to play the piano, either as a profession or simply a hobby, now's the time to start!

Adam's curriculum is specifically designed with you in mind! Whatever your musical goals are, Adam will tailor a plan suited to meet your needs in a very productive, fun, low pressure environment!!



Distance Learning

Oftentimes, students either can't find a teacher in their local city, either because of the lack of teachers available, or the student has surpassed the needs/goals that the local teacher cannot fulfill. So, Adam also offers lessons via live video instruction.

If you fall into the following areas, this will be a perfect alternative for you!

  • ​Students who do not live within driving range to the main studio

  • Adults who have small children and cannot arrange/pay for sitters during lesson times

  • Older students who do not have a driver's license and are without means of transportation

  • Adults who would feel more comfortable learning in the privacy of their own home

  • Older or retired adults who want to try a new hobby

  • Persons that once played but want to "re-learn" their skills

  • Church musicians who want to improve skills such as transitioning from key to another, transposition, reading chord charts, reading the Nashville number system

  • Pianists who already play the piano but want to learn other genres: Gospel, Musical Theatre, etc.

  • College students who need tutoring in music theory and piano proficiency exams

  • High school students who are prepping for a college music degree and want to get a head start on music theory (i.e. band instrumentalists, drummers, vocalists, etc.)




What Adam's clients have to say...

To those who share my musical aspirations: For years I have wanted to play a musical instrument. After years of working at Smooth Jazz Festivals and having a great appreciation of the artists' musical talents, I had decided to make the jump. At 61 years old, I started piano lessons with Adam. He came well recommended and for good reason. He is a master at both the piano and organ and demonstrates a strong talent to convey this knowledge and skills to his students. For these reasons I enthusiastically recommend Adam, should you desire to take an opportunity to explore a different opportunity in your life.

R. England

When my fourteen year old son, developed a passion for music, I was both blessed and a little disheartened. Having moved from the deep south to the northern Midwest, I wanted someone to teach my son who was strong technically, but we couldn’t find it here. Then Adam mentioned he was starting Skype lessons, we jumped at the opportunity.

We are so glad we did. Not only did we get the musical quality I was eager to find (which I knew I would in Adam), but the quality and feel of the lesson itself is awesome. Set up is quick and easy and does not require any special equipment (a smart phone or even a mediocre laptop handles it fine). He guided us through where to place the camera so that he can see what he needs to, and the lesson went as smoothly as if he had come to our home or we had gone to his.

In some ways, many ways, this set up is even better. My wife and I have 8 children that we homeschool. Transporting and making arrangements for so many so that one can get his lesson in is challenging to say the least. With the skype lessons, my wife and I continue our day as usual, while our son gets the instruction and mentoring that is so important to us.

I highly recommend this set up. Here I am in Illinois, getting top notch lessons from a friend and instructor in another state!

M. Dempsey


My 14 year old  daughter takes piano lessons from Adam, but she has received much more than just piano lessons. Not only can he teach piano classically, but Adam has also helped her with pop vocals, ear training, accompaniment, playing with a band, and leading contemporary worship. I really enjoy listening in on the lessons. Adam's broad spectrum of talent and ability to teach and perform are second to none!

—L. Crowe 

My 9 year old daughter had some lessons with other teachers before Adam - but she just wasn't making much progress and quickly grew frustrated and quit. After a few months with Adam she is making incredible progress and now loves to practice piano.I feel she's now on a path that will keep her interested and motivated for many years to come.  We're so thankful we found him.

      —M. George

Adam is awesome! I have learned so much from him in just under a year. My goal was tomato worship team at my church and with his help, I made it! I highly recommend him as a piano teacher!

—P. Rasberry

Studio Rates

Lessons for beginners are 30 minutes long and meet once per week,  billed monthly.

Payments are due on the 25th before the upcoming month.

No contract required.

For more detailed info regarding rates, 

please email

Last revised 10 Jan 2022

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