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What Adam's students have to say...

To those who share my musical aspirations: For years I have wanted to play a musical instrument. After years of working at Smooth Jazz Festivals and having a great appreciation of the artists' musical talents, I had decided to make the jump. At 61 years old, I started piano lessons with Adam. He came well recommended and for good reason. He is a master at both the piano and organ and demonstrates a strong talent to convey this knowledge and skills to his students. For these reasons I enthusiastically recommend Adam, should you desire to take an opportunity to explore a different opportunity in your life.

R. England

When my fourteen year old son, developed a passion for music, I was both blessed and a little disheartened. Having moved from the deep south to the northern Midwest, I wanted someone to teach my son who was strong technically, but we couldn’t find it here. Then Adam mentioned he was starting Skype lessons, we jumped at the opportunity.

We are so glad we did. Not only did we get the musical quality I was eager to find (which I knew I would in Adam), but the quality and feel of the lesson itself is awesome. Set up is quick and easy and does not require any special equipment (a smart phone or even a mediocre laptop handles it fine). He guided us through where to place the camera so that he can see what he needs to, and the lesson went as smoothly as if he had come to our home or we had gone to his.

In some ways, many ways, this set up is even better. My wife and I have 8 children that we homeschool. Transporting and making arrangements for so many so that one can get his lesson in is challenging to say the least. With the skype lessons, my wife and I continue our day as usual, while our son gets the instruction and mentoring that is so important to us.

I highly recommend this set up. Here I am in Illinois, getting top notch lessons from a friend and instructor in another state!

M. Dempsey


My 14 year old  daughter takes piano lessons from Adam, but she has received much more than just piano lessons. Not only can he teach piano classically, but Adam has also helped her with pop vocals, ear training, accompaniment, playing with a band, and leading contemporary worship. I really enjoy listening in on the lessons. Adam's broad spectrum of talent and ability to teach and perform are second to none!

—L. Crowe 

My 9 year old daughter had some lessons with other teachers before Adam - but she just wasn't making much progress and quickly grew frustrated and quit. After a few months with Adam she is making incredible progress and now loves to practice piano.I feel she's now on a path that will keep her interested and motivated for many years to come.  We're so thankful we found him.

      —M. George

Adam is awesome! I have learned so much from him in just under a year. My goal was to make worship team at my church and with his help, I made it! I highly recommend him as a piano teacher!

—P. Rasberry

What other performers and directors are saying...

There is an abundance of great players and performers as well as great accompanists. There is NOT an abundance of superior players who can also accompany someone well. Adam King is one of the best performers and accompanists I’ve ever known. I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Adam for many years now. Whether it’s center stage performing an inspiring solo or in the background accompanying a soloist while simultaneously running tracks, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone better. He plays with such emotion and passion, qualities I find to be quite rare in players these days. Besides being a performer and accompanist, Adam is also an excellent teacher. He teaches piano to my oldest son and has been so flexible and accommodating to our needs. If you’re searching for an accompanist or are in need of a piano teacher, I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Wes Hampton

Gaither Vocal Band


Adam has played for the students in my voice studio for two years and I don’t know how I got along without him before that.  In addition to his impressive pianistic abilities, he is a wonderful coach, rehearsing my students each week in all styles of music. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He is one in a million!

Randall Richardson, DMA

Department Chair, Performance Studies

Samford University, Retired

Adam was one of the best accompanists, musical arrangers/directors and vocal coaches that I had the pleasure of working with during my 40 year career as a theatre professor. Whether my actors were adults, students or children he was able to communicate to them on their level. His patience with these students was rewarded with excellence in their performances.

Dianne Murphree

Theatre Professor, Retired


Adam is that rare artist who’s level of elite skill and professionalism are eclipsed only by his kindness and care for those he works with.  Adam has become an invaluable resource to my own studio and I consider myself blessed to get to work alongside such a consummate professional with an infectious passion for his work.

Dorothy Savage

EverBlue Arts


Adam is an incredibly talented pianist who has a true passion for what he does. He is always prepared which keeps his students at ease while accompanying them in rehearsals and performances. He truly wants each of his students to succeed and I have gained much wisdom working with him.

J. Scott Gage

Samford University Alumni

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