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For the last several years, Adam has enjoyed performing solo concerts, both on piano and organ (contemporary and classical) in a wide variety of denominations. Whether he’s performing a solo concert, or accompanying a regular service, from the strike of the first note, until the final release, he captivates worshipers not only with his artistic mastery of the keys, but his sincere love for God and for His people. He carries the worshiper on a journey that beautifully invites them to enter God’s presence and experience the grace, unconditional love, and freedom found thru a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


What others are saying...

Adam is a rare musician that is sensitive to the overall feel of the music...someone that doesn't always try to show off but rather adds just the right touch. I have only met a couple of people that I would feel comfortable playing with without extensive practices. With Adam, I would be fine to simply give him a list of the songs before playing. Besides being a great accompanist, Adam has the calling and experience to lead an entire worship service. I have no hesitations in recommending Adam for whatever your musical needs may be.

Joe Shirk | Big Daddy Weave


It is a privilege to commend the Christ honoring ministry of my dear friend Adam to you. Anytime we have ministered together he has blessed the body of Christ. Use him and your people will be blessed.

Dr. Johnny Hunt  | Woodstock, GA


Adam King has tremendous talent and a heart to match. Being a minister means serving others with your life and talent and that's just what Adam does. You and your church will be blessed by his gifts and ministry.

Russ Lee | NewSong


As a music minister, it is very important for the mind and heart to be clear and open to the leadership of God's spirit in a service.  Sometimes the keyboard player can be more of a distraction than an assistant in worship. Not so with Adam King. He gives you the luxury to go with God and greatly enhances the experience of worship with his piano artistry and gracious spirit.

Rick Stone | Huntsville, AL


Adam is not only a very gifted musician, he is a man of integrity. One listens to him for only a moment before they sense the undeniable hand of God, a deep passionate heart, and a wonderful ministry that grips every audience. I recently had the privilege of being Adam's pastor and I can recommend him without reservation.

Tim Anderson | Athens, AL

Without a doubt Adam King is one of the most gifted musicians I have ever had the privilege of working with. His desire for people to experience the Lord Jesus during musical worship is the driving force behind the creativity he brings to a service.  When he sits behind a piano God uses his hands to prepare the hearts of the people to receive the word of God.  Leading worship is all about leading people to Jesus, and Adam is all about that!

Chris and Denise Pritchett | Bowman, GA

Adam has been a true blessing to the Parish Music Program at my church. Not only is he a very gifted musician demonstrating mastery on both the organ and piano, he is a person of great faith. This has truly inspired all those who hear his music to a deeper relationship with God, and a real sense of the Holy. His gifts have allowed my choir to present even the most complex choral music, and he is invested in forming honest relationships with the members of the choir. Always prepared, always professional, always a joy to work with; it is no surprise that he is in such high demand. I cherish the opportunity to work with him when his schedule allows, and hold our growing friendship close to my heart.

Jonathan Mercado | NewYork City, NY

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