Adam King Piano Studio


Course of Study / Method

Learning to play the piano requires persistence in building both knowledge and applied skills.  This can only be achieved through a regular practice regiment.  Each student will be expected to be prepared for each week’s lesson time. This includes both written and applied assignments. An unprepared student will not gain as much from lesson times and will thereby be losing money in the long run.

All students will be instructed in the following areas: sight reading, music theory (scales, arpeggios, chords & their inversions, intervals, etc), memorization, and performance techniques.

Desiring advanced students will also be trained in improvisational skills and ear training.


Tuition and Fees

Tuition is $120 per month and includes 4-30 minute lessons per month (additional times and rates available).  The first session (consultation) is free.  Students are encouraged to arrive five minutes before the scheduled appointment time.  Makeup lessons cannot be guaranteed.  If the instructor must miss a lesson and no makeup can be scheduled, the student’s account will be credited $30 per missed lesson.  If a month has 5 weeks, the 5th lesson is not charged (used as either a bonus or make-up lesson).  The instructor will order/obtain method books and materials which will be charged to the student’s account.  Books can also be purchased online (sometimes at a lower price).  Each student is required to bring one regular sized spiral notebook to each lesson to keep up with weekly assignments and progress. 

Studio Policies

Because there is much work to be done in a lesson time, each student is expected to give full attention to the instructor.  Students and their guests are expected to respect studio facilities and furnishings.  Students (or their parents) will be responsible for any damage to any facility or its contents. Parents are encouraged to schedule any needed conferences with the instructor at times other than lesson time.  At no time should a parent attempt to use another student’s lesson time for any conference. Students are encouraged to keep fingernails clipped to an approved length and are encouraged to thoroughly wash their hands before and after lessons (to help prevent the spread of germs).  Parents are required to stay with the student throughout the lesson time -- at NO TIME can a student be “dropped off” without adult supervision.

About Adam

Adam holds a BA in Music from the University of Mobile, and a Masters of Music from Samford University. With over 30 years of performing, and 20 years of experience teaching, Adam offers a wide array of opportunities for his students in a variety of musical genres. 

Studio Location

The Narrows Subdivision

Birmingham, AL 35242

(205) 259-8110

Studio Days & Time

Please email for schedule availability. 

Last revised: June 7, 2017